To Be The Queen in Masquerade

“I’m wearing a veil and head trimmed with rhinestones decorated, to participate in this long-awaited masquerade. I know this will be my only chance, and you are familiar yet strange land opposite. …… You finally go gently I, get rid of the inferiority Cinderella. ” -Masquerade


2500 years ago, the Celts living in Ireland to October 31 each year for the last day, November 1 is the beginning of a new year, but also a symbol of the coming of winter. In this old night of the handover, the Celts believed that Samhain god of death will bring the invisible soul to return to earth, after looking for a substitute to be reborn, they lighted torch, burning animal as a gift to the god of death, and the family priest will preside ceremonies. In order to drive in the night wandering soul Wild Ghosts, Celtic or the use of animal fur head dressed as ghosts look like, the mouth terrible sound, which is the origin of Halloween masquerade.

Masquerade elegant, fun, not only in the form of unique, giving fresh and exciting, but also to provide a perfect stranger acquaintance chance.

Given a chance, you will surely want to be the most shining one in a masquerade. So, please do not forget to pick a beautiful fashion, remember that there must be hollow and lace for decoration. But can not forget, the masks and exquisite makeup. Well, you know how to make your makeup in masquerade greatly out of place in it? Following priorities, we had better remember the simplicity.

A: A Charm Eye. If wearing a mask is your choice, be sure to emphasize your eye is charm. Sources sense of charm, one color eye shadow; Second, eyeliner, eyelashes dress. This is the focus of both. The masquerade is a color game, so you can choose red, gold, green, pink and other vibrant colors to create the charm eye. Since the liquid eye shadow moisture is very good, and added shine factor, especially for such an environment masquerade, it is recommended to use a liquid eye shadow to refreshing. In addition, eyeliner and lashes or artificial contributed equally emphasize exaggerated sense of drama.
B: Shiny Lips. Mysterious ball must be shiny and moist lips set off a woman’s sexy.
C: Even far apart, but also to attract the attention of hair. Wig must be consistent with its own dress, highlight their personality. The most suitable is the best that paragraph of that section.

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