How to apply Flip In hair extensions

Today, i’m attending to show you the way to apply pre-bounded Flip In Hair Extensions. we tend to use or we do not use pre-bounded Flip In Hair Extensions as a result of there is no separate untidy glue or wax.

Also, the sure that we have a tendency to use with lens isn’t a glue, it’s associate degree modification compound and actually mix them sort of a structure of the hair. it’s very important to form certain that the section that you simply take is the same as the thickness of the extension that you just ar reaching to put in. i’m employing a guard so we have a tendency to separate the hair and also the section that we’ve got taken from all the opposite little hair around and obtain through sunray fine hairs. So, also, important to recollect not to bit the hairs too close to the skull. If you touch it to the current terribly close to the skull, you’re conjointly planning to get tension as a result of the hair goes to be propulsion and there is an opportunity that you just get tension source and there’s an opportunity that may injury the os and therefore the hair all over again. So, you’ll see with the pre-bounded hair extension, it?s very clean and very simply used. you do not have any untidy separate glue or wax.

The actual methodology of touching that means of mistreatment is the arm does not heat up, you’ll be able to hold it, it?s truly victimization unhearable vibrations and sending it through the bond to break the bond all the way down to make it perceptible for me. I tend to use flat forms or I tend to create flat forms yet as a result of as I aforementioned nice and truthful against the hair once the hair is down over the highest, you can’t feel it. It conjointly helps to spread the hairs out so that you get much more natural finish on your hair. we are able to do a full hair to induce the length or we can just use some elements or choose some pieces to just add bit of color to the hair. Learn more: Flip In Hair Extensions