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Ali Queen hair weft collection by UniWigs are made by 100% unprocessed virgin hair, Can be used more than 12 Months. Can be curled more than 6 times.  No matter you want hair weft only, lace closure or closure + weft, you can find them all in Ali-Queen Collection by UniWigs.



UniWigs New Collection is coming soon

UniWigs update new products every month, we also search for new collection that women love to satified their beauty need. After many market survey, we found that african american women like “lace closure + weft” match style, Yes, weft, that’s what we don’t have. But, good news is, the Ali-Queen collection is coming soon! Which special for women who need the african american wigs. We will start from several weft, this kind of pieces are 100% Unproseced Virgin Hair with natural color, can be restyle and DYE. We will publish “lace closure + weft” latter, even the hot sale 360° lace closure .etc, high quality and low price can be promised. So stay tuned the Ali-Queen collection by UniWigs.

hair weft

hair weft

About Ali Queen:
In order to manufacture high-quality hair extensions, we have built our own factory and selected great quality human hair from the temples around the world. Experts in hair weaving are enrolled to produce the hair as well. Every month, our factory can supply over 100,000 kgs of hair extensions to fulfill the needs and demands of our customers. With high-tech equipments to test the quality and experienced hair-weavers to produce our products, our quality maintains in a stable way. Good quality and best service help us achieve our business goals, appreciation and approvals from our customers worldwide.

How to become a wig supplier?

Wig making is a large industry, which may come as a surprise to some. Most wig companies produce thousands of wigs, beards, and other hair-related items for their customers. If you want to become a wig maker, you don’t need anything more than high school education, though you should be prepared to take additional beautician’s courses or to begin in an entry-level job where you will be trained how to use the equipment. Prospective wig makers need confidence and concentration to meet their daily quota. They also need to be flexible as working conditions in a wig making factory can change very quickly.

If you want to become a wig maker, you probably already know that the job is often misunderstood even though it is an important part of a number of industries. A wig maker generally makes wigs and beards in an industrial work environment and, at most companies, may be asked to make more than 100 wigs in a day. In general, wigs are made by using a machine to thread artificial, or sometimes real, hair through needles.



Although you don’t need post-secondary education to become a wig maker, it is a good idea to take beautician courses ,or something similar, at a technical school or community college. Avoid spending money on short online courses as they provide little in the way of useful training. Most companies do offer on-the job training, which often consists of three months or more of learning how to use the wig-making machinery. The companies generally pay minimum wage to begin with, though there may be some kind of pay ladder which you can move up as you gain more experience.

To become a wig maker, you need to be extremely confident in your ability as you will be creating dozens, if not hundreds, of wigs a day without much supervision once you become more experienced. It is also vital for you to have a high level of concentration. When you are dealing with powerful machinery, losing concentration can not only cause you to damage the wig you are making, it also increases your chances of sustaining a serious injury from the machines.

If you want to become a wig maker, you must also be flexible and creative. These are important skills because companies routinely change wig and beard designs. The pressure is then on the employee to quickly learn and perfect the new design without delay. You must also have patience in order to become a wig maker as moving up a company’s ranks takes years of hard work and persistence.


Hairstyles of African American wigs

A wig can be the immediate answer to someone having balding problems or desiring a new look. There are good wigs and there are bad wigs. The main difference between the two kinds lies in their quality. Good wigs are either made out of the finest synthetic materials or quality human hair. Wigs partings shouldnt be sewn, as this is a dead giveaway that it isnt the real deal. They should blend in with your scalp for that realistic and natural look.

Wigs have certainly come a long way. Egyptians in used them during ancient times to protect their shaved heads from the sun. In the 16th and 17th centuries, they were used in Western civilizations for hygienic reasons, protecting an individual from head lice, and they were obligatory for men with a significantly higher social ranking. They were extremely heavy and very uncomfortable to wear.

Thanks to the latest innovations in the hair styling, days of heavy and uncomfortable wigs are over. Todays styles include classic looks and the latest fashion trends, while the quality and texture are made to blend perfectly with your own natural African American hair to give that real look.

In earlier times, wigs were often very uncomfortable and very hot to wear. Today, brands like African American wigs have self-adjusting caps to provide better comfort and ventilation. These brands also offer a variety of wigs like real and synthetic wigs, lace wigs, half wigs, and so on. Unlike the heavier wigs back then, these ebony hair wigs give a look with more volume without the added weight.

Quality wigs like African American wigs offer a variety of color and hair styles, from long luxurious locks to long curls to sleek bob cuts. These better quality wigs may cost a bit more than cheaper wigs quality, but they are built to last a long time and provide a more natural look.

To get the best ebony wigs out there, be prepared to do some looking around. Dont just focus on the price alone; think of the quality of the wig. Sure, getting a wig at a cheap price is nice, but the wig should fit your head perfectly. There are a lot of good brands out there and most suppliers can be found on the Internet. If you want that stunning and fashionable look, get ready to impress with African American wigs.

There are bald wig can directly answer questions, or desire to see a new face of the person . Have a good wig, there are bad wig. The main difference between the two is their quality. Either good wigs made ​​out of the finest quality synthetic material or human hair . Wig seam partings should not be , because this is a big flaw , it’s not the real deal. They should be integrated into your scalp is realistic and natural appearance.

Wig indeed come a long way. In ancient times the Egyptians used them to protect their shaved heads from the sun. In the 16th century and 17th century, they were used in Western civilization hygienic reasons , to protect individuals from head lice , they are human obligations have significantly higher social class . They are very heavy and very uncomfortable to wear.

As a result of the latest innovative hair, thick and wigs uncomfortable gone. Today’s styles include classic look and the latest fashion trends , and the quality and texture are to African-Americans with their natural hair perfect blend , so the real look.

In earlier times , wigs are often very uncomfortable , very hot to wear. Today, brands such as African American wigs cap on self-regulation in order to provide better comfort and breathability . The brand also offers a variety of real and synthetic like wigs, lace wigs, half wigs, wigs and so on . The difference is that after heavy wig back, let these ebony wigs and without adding more weight to volume look .

African American wigs like quality to provide a variety of colors and hairstyles , from luxurious long locks long curly hair fashion BOB cuts. These wigs may be better to spend a little more quality than the cheaper wigs , but they are built to last a long time , and provide a more natural look .

To get the best ebony wigs out there, ready to do some looking around . Do not just focus on price alone , I feel the quality of the wig . Of course , to get a wig at a low price is good, but the wig should fit perfectly to your head. There are many good brands out there, most vendors can be found on the Internet. If you want that stunning and stylish appearance , ready to be impressed with the African American wigs.

Fellaini ‘African American wigs’ are set to take Old Trafford by storm

As Manchester United’s relentless commercial drive intensifies, it had been anticipated that the money-men would be gleefully rubbing their hands at the profit potential of bushy African American wigs as the Champions prepare to welcome new signing Marouane Fellaini to Old Trafford.

As it happens, United are missing a trick. The official megastore at Old Trafford are not stocking up on Fellaini wigs but worry not, United fans, the dozens of merchandise stalls outside the ground will be selling imitations of the Belgian’s afro before Saturday’s home game against Crystal Palace.

Cult status? Afro wigs will be on sale as fans wait for the Old Trafford debut of Marouane Fellaini
Cult status? African American wigs will be on sale as fans wait for the Old Trafford debut of Marouane Fellaini

The frizzy hairdo that’s a throwback to the Seventies era of disco cool has earned many a player cult status at their clubs – but where will Fellaini rank in the United fashion stakes of years gone by? Can the new boy’s coif compete with Best’s mop-top and Beckham’s curtains? Will Fellaini’s quirk live up to the Cantona collar?

Hair we go with United’s most recognisable fashion statements….


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The Best Wigs for Black Women

Now that you know what you need to pay attention to when getting a new wig, let’s start browsing the best deals on the net.
We researched virtually the whole net and selected the top 3 and highest rated wigs for each category below (Wigs for African American Women, Human Hair Wigs for Black Women, Short Wigs for Black Women, Cheap Wigs, Black Hair Wigs and Lace Wigs for Women). We used the most important factor when setting up this list: customer satisfaction via Amazon’s reviews.

In case you need a little extra push to decide whether you should invest into a fashionable wig or not (no pressure), here’s a list of the biggest benefits of being a wig collector.

If you use wigs instead of using chemicals and other harmful stuff you can prevent hair damage.
Thanks to no chemicals, you can prevent hair loss.
Wigs offer quick and easy fixes for fashionable hairstyles, and the result will be just as beautiful as if you had your “real hair’ done in a beauty salon… except that instead of spending hours sitting in a chair, you can get yourself ready for the occasion within minutes. Of course the difference will be unnoticeable.
No more painful hair treatments to make you look good.
The most popular celebrities such as Beyoncé and Rihanna wear wigs all the time to look their best, so if you think you’d like to bring out the most of YOUR OWN beauty, you can achieve this goal within a day by ordering your favorite celebrity wigs from our website.