Today I will show you hoe I dye my clip in hair extensions from UniWigs. This is the 20 inch white blonde. I will use indigo blue, neon green, white base conditioner, gloves, a comb and a brush. Let’s get started.

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I use a paper plate because I couldn’t find my mixing bowl. I mix the dye with the conditioner. The indigo blue actually looks purple when you apply it. But when you finish it, it does turn out blue. Then flip the clippings over to make sure I get the equal amount on both sides of the clippings. And then apply the neon green by splat. I didn’t add any conditioner to the green. I want it to be a little bit darker and then fade into a lighter green. I will comb it and try to blend in all the colors and make sure it’s an even amount on both sides of the clip ends. In the end I completely cover the white blonde!

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I let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it. The hair actually took a very well to a dye. I didn’t bleach it or anything. I had the pleasure wearing these clippings when they were blonde. They do pretty good. Just be careful when you do wearing them in the back, they do tangle a little bit.

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NEW Uniwigs Clip in Hair Extensions Review!

I do wear hair extensions all the time, which are all permanent ones. I don’t really get chance to use clip in hair extensions. I have given my hair break for about a month and a half from my permanent extensions and I decided this is gonna be the best time for me to try these extensions.

The extensions I try are from They are in the shade number 2, 95 g and 20 inches. There’s absolutely no split ends on the bottom, which is amazing because a lot of hair extension companies give you hair extensions that do tend to have some split ends at the bottom especially you use heat on them. The color did match me perfectly. It does look pretty natural as well. I have noticed that the bottom of these hair extensions are quite full. The last ones I had they have very thin bottom.

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These are Indian hair. I can tell the difference between Indian hair and Chinese hair. I used to have Chinese hair extensions and they look like dull hair. i felt like quite thick and coarse. A lot of hair extension companies just say they are human hair extensions. They didn’t say what hair they are and majority of them are Chinese hair. The hair extensions I receive from UniWigs fill up my own hair.

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Their customer service is incredible. If you have any questions, all you have to do is email them and they get back to you really quickly. If you do have a complaint, they sort out straight away and try to make you happy. I will definitely repurchase these hair extensions especially for these price. They are not too overboard or anything like that.

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How To Hide Hair Extensions- UniWigs

Today I want to talk about how to hide extensions. Before I start to apply extensions I think the most important to know is how much hair you need. Most extension packs come a lot of hair and most of time you won’t need all of them. I would recommend about 2-4 pieces per head. If you need more than that, it’s probably a little tricky. It all depends on the head shape and how much hair you have. If you have lots of thick hair, especially when your hair is somewhat short and you want to add a lot of weight. I will show you applying one weft extensions.

Since my hair is pretty long adding that weft of extensions is not necessarily going to give me much more length. It’s basically going to give me more volume. Another very simple trick that can make a huge difference is where on the head you apply the extensions. I always like to go pretty low. Anything above that will be pretty hard to conceal. That’s because you want your hair on top to have movement whether you play around with it or the wind blows it. The hair at the nape of neck tends to stay put. That’s where you need to put in your extensions and hair on top has a lot more leeway space to move around and not expose your extensions.

Firstly I need to section out my hair. Another thing is not pinning it right to where your hairline is. I like to go a little bit lower, which gives me a little bit more movement and makes the hair look more natural. Another thing people will do is tease this bottom section so that the extensions don’t move. I personally never have a problem like that. I clip them in a little bit lower and it makes more comfortable. As the day goes on, you move your head and your hair moves around, it feel a lot more comfortable because it has natural movement that your natural hair would have.

And then grab crown of my hair, which is what I want to be free flowing hair. I will tease my hair from the middle because that’s where hair likes to part. You can definitely add a little flexible hairspray. Because you don’t want it to be crunchy. This will give you a little bit volume. Then tease the side part and then the other side of course. I will grab a pieces of each of those two sections and tease them to marry them together.

It’s a very very simple trick but can totally save your hair.

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How To Get A Thicker Ponytail With Hair Extensions

Do you love Ponytail? Today we are going to show you how to get a thicker ponytail with clip in hair extensions. Check this out!

Step1 Start off with creating a small ponytail at the crown of your head. This little ponytail will act as a secure base for clipping in the hair extensions.
Step2 Take a 3 clip weft and start clipping it in around the ponytail. Be sure to clip in as close to the hair elastic as possible, so that you will have space to clip in other wefts. The tighter you clip these wefts in around the hair elastic, the more comfortable it will feel.
Step3 Continue to clip 2 and 3 clip wefts in the same manner, around the ponytail that you’ve created. For extra thickness, you can use 1 clip wefts and simply clip them onto the wefts that are already clipped into your hair.
Step4 Then, gather all your hair into a high ponytail and make sure that it covers the wefts. This is why it was important to clip them in tightly-the smaller the base, the easier it is to conceal it.
Step5 Secure the ponytail with a hair tie and smooth away any flyaways.
Step6 To finish off the look, take a hair strand and wrap it around the base of your ponytail. Not only will this hide the hair elastic, but will also give a very polished and unique look.

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Hello gorgeous, today is the last day of Novemeber, which means Christmas is coming! Today we are going to show you the holiday gift guide from UniWigs.
 UniWigs Extension Collection includes clip in extensions, flip in hair extensions, hair bundles and frontal/closure.
Our clip in extensions come in virgin remy human hair and remy human hair. Long life-spam, can be DIY dyed and restyled.
UniWigs Flip in hair extension is the revolutionary hair extension that can offer you instant transformation to thicker, longer hair with the aid of a transparent miracle wire which is undetectably hidden under your own hair. Quite simple and easy, it takes only minutes to apply and remove: Simply place the flip in wire on your head, pull your own hair through over the wire, you will find it rests perfectly on your head and blends naturally with your own hair. With the aid of the adjustable transparent wire, the flip in can fit any head shape or size perfectly.
UniWigs weave bundles are a very trendy product among African American wearares. It’s made of top quality hair, being Brazilian hair or other countries like Malaysian. From the time of selection, the Brazilian hair hasn’t undergone any type of chemical process. The hair bundles are 100% natural. The weaves with closure gives more styling possibility for the clients.
 UniWigs hair extensions collection always enhance our customers’ look. Come and pick the beautiful gift!

Why Tape-In Hair Extensions Are Popular?

We all know that hair extensions are worn by women worldwide and are in high demand. There are many types of hair extensions, but tape-in hair extensions are more popular than others, below are top 3 benefits of tape in hair extensions. They Look Real
Tape-in hair extensions blend in with your natural hair so you don’t have to worry about it getting seen by other people. The bonds that are attached to your head are completely flat making it invisible and doesn’t make you itch or uncomfortable.
Low Maintenance
Tape in extensions are the easiest hair extension to maintain due to their thin construction. Basically, you can treat them the same way as you deal with your real hair. You can wash, straighten, and curl your extensions, just remember do these as softly as possible.
Least Damaging
They are very lightweight and do not pull on your own hair like other extensions do – they grow out with your own hair and do not tug or pull. Clip in extensions are actually heavy and will cause bald spots if you wear them every day. Tape in hair extensions are non-damaging and very easy to remove. When it comes to hair loss you do not want to lose hair from wearing extensions.
Do you know the advantages of tape-in hair extensions now? If you are still not sure which hair extensions to choose, you can find all types of hair extensions from, and some of them are on sale!

Tricks about Clip in Hair Extensions – UniWigs

I tend to do something that I think is really important, which most people don’t do because they’re either afraid or don’t realize is I cut my extensions to match my hair cut.

I will put my extensions in my hair and then cut my extensions in my hair. As though I’m giving myself a hair cut as though that’s natural of my hair. I do cut my own hair and I have for a while because I’m a little bit control freak and I have never really like the haircuts that I’ve ever by a professional. So I have to learn to cut my own hair. It’s not really that tricky.

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I take one of the thicker one since it’s towards the bottom of my head and the thinner ones towards the top, which will give it a little volume at the root and makes it look more natural. I use my pinkie finger to draw a line. I see a lot of people put their extensions right above their ear. I don’t really like how that looks because I don’t tend to find that look natural to have a clump of hair coming from here like it’s not really a weight point for my hair. I tend to have lighter hair. I follow the natural pattern of what my hair is like. You want to get them close up enough to your face so that it doesn’t start far back and you can see your baby hairs peeking through and you can tell it’s extensions and you don’t want it to o close to where it’s immediately super long hair that would not naturally grow that way.

It takes a little trial and error. But if you follow, it’s more like visual feeling it out figuring it out. Have a try yourself and you will find it pretty easy.

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26 steps about how to use clip in hair extensions

clip in hair extensions for thin hair before and after

clip in hair extensions for thin hair before and after

Step 1: Lay out your extensions, or “wefts,” on a flat surface, grouping together like sizes.
Step 2: Part your hair wherever you would normally.
Step 3: Section off hair perpendicularly from your part down to your ear.
Step 4: Use a hair clip to hold the section in place.
Step 5: Repeat steps 2–3 on the opposite side of your head.
Step 6: At the back of your head, section off the bottom inch of hair and clip up the rest of your hair.
Step 7: Select the weft of hair that will best fit the section. You will continue to do this for each section.
Step 8: Use small hair elastics to create sections of hair the same distance apart as the extension clips.
Step 9: Open up the clips on the first weft.
Step 10: Secure the weft clip on top of the elastic and snap closed.
Step 11: Once all clips are snapped closed, smooth out the hair with your fingers or a brush.
Step 12: About half an inch up from the first weft, create the next section of hair.
Step 13: Use small hair elastics to create sections of hair the same distance apart as the clips on the weft.
Step 14: Secure each weft clip on top of the corresponding elastic and snap closed.
Step 15: Once each clip is closed, smooth out hair with fingers or a brush.
Step 16: Create the next section half an inch above the last and put in the small elastics.
Step 17: Snap each extension clip closed on each elastic and smooth out your hair with fingers or a brush.
Step 18: Create the next section half an inch above the last and put in the small elastics.
Step 19: Snap each clip closed on the elastics and smooth hair with fingers or a brush.
Step 20: If you parted your hair on the side, create the next section toward the side with the most hair - not directly in the middle of your head.
Step 21: Snap each extension clip closed on the elastics and smooth hair with fingers or a brush.
Step 22: Create the next section of hair on the side of the head with more hair, about half an inch above the weft.
Step 23 : Use one hair elastic and an extension weft with a single clip.
Step 24: Snap the clip closed and smooth the hair with fingers or a brush.
Step 25: On the side of your part with less hair, use one hair elastic for an extension weft with one clip.
Step 26: Snap the clip closed and smooth hair with fingers or a brush. Take down the rest of your hair and style as desired.

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“This hair feels amazing. It’s so soft and blend able. Easy installment, and since you size it to your head there’s no risk of it slipping out. I have always always wanted blonde hair and these extensions gave me an opportunity to try them out. They are so cute. One pack was a little thin for the length of my hair so I doubled it with the black uni extensions to give more volume and more of a natural look for me since my hair is already dark. Beautiful combination, everyone at my work loved them.”–mikayla

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hair extensions christmas sale

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UniWigs Clip In Extensions Reviews

“Great quality hair!! Made this hair last for six months. They also have fast shipping.”–terrence jones

“I got these clip in hair extensions today and they are very nice. the clips are super secure and the extensions lie very close to the head. Very happy with these!”–Cursie

UniWigs Clip In Extensions

UniWigs Clip In Extensions

“I am glad to receive this hair wig. It was delivered on time and was nicely and I am happy with it.”–ruxandraioana

UniWigs Clip In Extensions

UniWigs Clip In Extensions

“Love my extensions. I never had them before and I decided to.invest in these I am super glad I did they are amazing and gorgeous! Love!!”–Seng Chang

UniWigs Clip In Extensions

UniWigs Clip In Extensions

“These clip in hair extensions are soft I love them and can’t wait to wear them and match them up with my hair.”–Audrey

UniWigs Clip In Extensions

UniWigs Clip In Extensions

“I lI never had extensions so I was super excited and happy to get these. Feels like really hair and makes my hair much longer.”–Lallyisaw3som3