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Get gorgeous in an instant with pieces chosen especially for you. From curly to straight, ponytails to falls. 100% human hair to easy-care synthetics and blends…we’ve got the looks you’re looking for. Whatever you decide upon, just remember that has beautiful options for all of you who want high quality hair extensions. Clip in and flip in hair extensions are all including.

back to school sale 2017

back to school sale 2017

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“This hair feels amazing. It’s so soft and blend able. Easy installment, and since you size it to your head there’s no risk of it slipping out. I have always always wanted blonde hair and these extensions gave me an opportunity to try them out. They are so cute. One pack was a little thin for the length of my hair so I doubled it with the black uni extensions to give more volume and more of a natural look for me since my hair is already dark. Beautiful combination, everyone at my work loved them.”–mikayla

hair extensions christmas sale

hair extensions christmas sale

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Hair Extension Knowledge from UNIWIGS

Googling hair extensions and feeling a wee bit overwhelmed with all the info, or lack there of? So sick of reading gimmicky, confusing info? Let me help you with some insider terms. First, fusion. You hear this alot. It means typically a strand is fused to hair by a solvent or compression. It what’s mainly around the KC area. Fusion method requires a VERY heated tool to attach a bond to your hair and either an acetone or oil solvent to remove it. Compression is my fave. It just compress the hair to your natural hair.   Remy, another term you hear ALL the time. Quite over used if you ask me. It just means the hair still has its cuticle intact. A hair shaft in good condition has a cuticle( outer layer like a Christmas tree) that is tight and close together , cortex (middle layer) and medulla( inner core of hair shaft). If someone over colors or  his heavy handed with flat or curling irons( we see it all the time) more than likely the cuticle has been damaged.  Remy basically means un -damaged  ,  virgin hair.  Remy is soo not a big deal anymore. If a hair extension company even has to say its “remy”  it screams unprofessional to me.  I mean if your getting professionl extensions then shouldn’t remy hair be a given?  Then of course there is the origin. Which part of the world it comes from. Very important.  See my other posts about this.

White Blonde Virgin Remy Human Hair Clip In Extension

White Blonde Virgin Remy Human Hair Clip In Extension

So here’s what we use and why.
The Hairloc brand of extensions hair specialize in adding length, volume, color ,thickness and helping clients regain hair density lost due to illness and medical treatments. Most extension companies use Indian hair and we have found that this simply does not blend well with most western hair textures  It is the only professional company to offer 100% European (Italian or Russian) full cuticle hair extensions with no heat, glue, or other solvents.  If you know me and the salon then you know we believe that the cleanest and purest way to achieve a desired look is always the best. That is why we use Hairlocs. Its quite simple. We only use 2 things for extensions. The loc and the hairstrand. The loc is tiny tube made from copper. Copper is a naturally occuring metal in our body, so a full set of Hairlocs can actually promote increased hair growth. Copper has also been proven to help with inflammation.We thread this copper “loc” through a strand of your hair and then insert the extension and compress with a special tool. Since the hair is enclosed in this weightless little loc, there is less tension. Other knock-off brands use an aluminum bead which can corrode and mildew your hair. This blows my mind. I wont even use deoderant with aluminum , let alone attach it my hair!? Plus our type of extension is re- usable for 12-18 months. So over the long run most economical. Other systems are un-usable after a few months. To me that is just plain wasteful.

22" Straight Remy Human Hair Flip In Hair Extension

22″ Straight Remy Human Hair Flip In Hair Extension

Some salons offer this “technique” but if a stylist doesn’t unroll the hair in front of you and its wrapped in tissue that has the HairLoc logo, its not HairLocs.  I’ve heard of stylists who are certified with professional companies, like Hairlocs , but then use hair from other, less reputable suppliers. So the client thinks they’re getting this hair, but aren’t. They dont exactly lie, perhaps.. but they aren’t exactly telling you its not HairLocs.   How freakin shady is that?? This company is the highest end not only for the theory, but for the quality of the hair as well. They were the first to do this method and the first to offer European hair. Other “budget” online sites wont stand behind the hair quality.

Beware of these salons, they’re all about profit.
So my advice to anyone thinking of getting extensions, do some research. You will find the right system for your hair and your budget.  And be realistic.  All extensions require maintence and vigilant at home care. If you slack on home hair care in between visits. It shows, literally. The last few weeks have been hectic  and I didnt use the right products or brush my hair as often as I should have and hellooo Chewbacca! My hair  looked dry and dull.   A little TLC revived it, but it taught me a valuable lesson. Treat your hair crappy , it will look like crappy . Treat it with luv, and it will luv you back.

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Uniwigs Launched Its New Product – Flip in Hair Extensions

Uniwigs has been committed to the user experience and product improvement. From the spring of 2012, its designer Sandy began to focuses on the extension product, after a long time of design and improvement it now launched its new products – flip in hair extensions. It is a bit like a wig, you can’t see the elastic wire but along the top is a wire, this wire sits on your head and then you use a tooth comb to pull the rest of your hair out. Whilst this is a great invention and uniwigs offer 100% human hair flip in hair extensions and synthetic flip in hair extensions.

Flip in hair is the revolutionary new alternative hair extension that can offer you instant transformation to thicker, longer hair. Unlike the traditional hair extensions, which are attached to your own strands of hair, the new flip in hair comfortably attaches itself around your head by a transparent miracle wire which is undetectably hidden under your own hair.

Flip in hair extensions are the best and the easiest of all extensions. It can be attached in seconds, removed in seconds and are easier than clip in hair extensions. Simply place the flip in wire on your head, pull your own hair through over the wire, you will find it rests perfectly on your head and blends naturally with your own hair. With the aid of the adjustable transparent wire, the flip in can fit any head shape or size perfectly.

More and more people are choosing to use Flip in hair extensions now, why not try this fun and amazing flip in and transform your look in an instant!

About was founded in California aiming to provide top quality wigs at reasonable price to customers around the world. With many years of experience in the hair and beauty industry, team of professionals provides customers with designs using both natural human hair and synthetic hair. fashion-forward designs include super light-weight construction, comfortable easy- fit manageability, and unparalleled realness that will leave you feeling confident every day.


How To Apply Hair Extensions

Today, i am getting to show you ways to apply pre-bounded hair extensions. we have a tendency to tend to use or we don’t use pre-bounded hair extensions as a result of there’s no separate mussy glue or wax. Also, the certain that we use with lens is not a glue, it?s AN modification chemical compound and actually mix them sort of a structure of the hair.

It is important to form positive that the section that you just take is that the same because the thickness of the extension that you simply ar progressing to put in. i am using a guard so that we have a tendency to separate the hair and also the section that we have taken from all the other little hair around and obtain through closed fine hairs. So, also, very important to recollect not to bit the hairs too near the bone. If you touch it to the present very close to the bone, you are additionally progressing to get tension because the hair is going to be propulsion and there’s a chance that you simply get tension supply and there’s a chance which will injury the bone and therefore the hair once more. So, you’ll see with the pre-bounded hair extension, it?s terribly clean and extremely simply used.

You don’t have any untidy separate glue or wax. the particular methodology of touching that way of victimization is the arm does not heat up, you’ll be able to hold it, it?s actually victimization ultrasonic vibrations and causation it through the bond to break the bond right down to create it audible for me. I tend to use flat forms or I tend to make flat forms moreover as a result of as I aforementioned nice and truthful against the hair once the hair is down over the top, you can’t feel it. It additionally helps to unfold the hairs out in order that you get much more natural end on your hair. we will do a full hair to induce the length or we will simply use some elements or pick some items to merely add bit of color to the hair. and that is however you apply pre-bounded flip in hair extensions.

How to apply Flip In hair extensions

Today, i’m attending to show you the way to apply pre-bounded Flip In Hair Extensions. we tend to use or we do not use pre-bounded Flip In Hair Extensions as a result of there is no separate untidy glue or wax.

Also, the sure that we have a tendency to use with lens isn’t a glue, it’s associate degree modification compound and actually mix them sort of a structure of the hair. it’s very important to form certain that the section that you simply take is the same as the thickness of the extension that you just ar reaching to put in. i’m employing a guard so we have a tendency to separate the hair and also the section that we’ve got taken from all the opposite little hair around and obtain through sunray fine hairs. So, also, important to recollect not to bit the hairs too close to the skull. If you touch it to the current terribly close to the skull, you’re conjointly planning to get tension as a result of the hair goes to be propulsion and there is an opportunity that you just get tension source and there’s an opportunity that may injury the os and therefore the hair all over again. So, you’ll see with the pre-bounded hair extension, it?s very clean and very simply used. you do not have any untidy separate glue or wax.

The actual methodology of touching that means of mistreatment is the arm does not heat up, you’ll be able to hold it, it?s truly victimization unhearable vibrations and sending it through the bond to break the bond all the way down to make it perceptible for me. I tend to use flat forms or I tend to create flat forms yet as a result of as I aforementioned nice and truthful against the hair once the hair is down over the highest, you can’t feel it. It conjointly helps to spread the hairs out so that you get much more natural finish on your hair. we are able to do a full hair to induce the length or we can just use some elements or choose some pieces to just add bit of color to the hair. Learn more: Flip In Hair Extensions

Description of Flip in hair extensions

Flip In Hair, unlike conventional hair extension system, you do not install your new hairstyle need to spend a few hours a huge advantage. Flip hair takes less than one minute to fit and literally a second to remove.

No clips, no glue, no weaving, hair extensions are wearing flip in extended noninvasive method. An invisible line, secured an instant, temporary hair extensions, it increases the length and volume, easy to use.

In order to achieve the most natural looking hair possible, the quality of our hair is crucial. We use only the highest quality 100% human hair, natural hair perfect fusion. Because the hair is determined by the flip of a human hair, which means that just like yourself, you can make it. Use a hair dryer, iron, pliers and Clips, absolutely fine, you can brush, wash and style, because you will own hair.

Now wear thousands of women around the world, the flip of the hair is a brilliant piece hair extension, which provides an innovative alternative to achieve longer, thicker hair in minutes not in any way damage the hair. Forget the traditional method of hair extensions bonding, flip-cutting and weaving hair is a temporary, just sit on your head and keep the perfect place because undetectable, transparent lines are instantly hide their hair hair extended.

Reversible wear and maximize the look in my brain expansion is situated at the base of the skull. To determine the length, you need to start measuring
From there. Simple, easy to use, it takes literally one minute to fit and remove only one second. It is easy, looks completely natural. Now to buy flip in hair hairextensions

How to wear flip in hair hairextensions