How many bundles do you need for lace closure sew in?

How many packs of hair do you need for a partial sew in?
For a partial sew in with your edges and crown let out: 12”-16” needs 2 bundles, 18”-24” needs 3 bundles 26”-30” needs 3 to 4 bundles depends of the size of your head and how full you like sew-in. For a FULL lace closure sew in with no hair left out 12″-18″ needs 3 bundles, 20-30 needs 3-5 depending on how you like your fullness.



How many bundles of hair do you need to do a full sew in?
– 3.5oz for the Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, Peruvian, and Cambodian hairs.
How many hair bundles do I need to complete a full sew-in?
12”-16” needs 2 bundles 18”-24” needs 3 bundles 24”-30” needs 3 to 4 bundles 30”- 36” needs 4 to 5 bundles.

Are sewn in hair extensions bad for your hair?
Sew in hair weaves won’t give you freedom from your own hair, but if anything it kind of gives you more reasons to pay attention to your hair. Sew in, just like any other weave, has its ups and downs. They can protect your hair but if not “installed” correctly it can damage or break your hair.

How I install the hair behind my hairline

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hair weft

hair weft

About Ali Queen:
In order to manufacture high-quality hair extensions, we have built our own factory and selected great quality human hair from the temples around the world. Experts in hair weaving are enrolled to produce the hair as well. Every month, our factory can supply over 100,000 kgs of hair extensions to fulfill the needs and demands of our customers. With high-tech equipments to test the quality and experienced hair-weavers to produce our products, our quality maintains in a stable way. Good quality and best service help us achieve our business goals, appreciation and approvals from our customers worldwide.

12 hair extension care conditions



1. combing hair, always from the bottom up fixed hair with one hand. Do not brush or comb the hair upside down.

2. remove all tangles before shampooing

3. shampoo hair downward movement. Expansion between the movement in a horizontal direction to clean the head skin with your fingers. Not the hair together, not shampooing upside down, without using the circular motion of the foam hair, do not use hot water.

4. smear cream hair conditioner in the root of hair from the intermediate shaft at both ends to prevent skidding.

5. when washing, rinsing thoroughly, to ensure that all the residue was rinsed off, rinsed with cold water only.

6. Although hair extensions are real hair, it is the root of your hair natural does not receive the same nutrients and oil. Please note that you use heat on your hair, hair extensions in shorter life. If you do not use heat on your hair, use a lower setting and application protectants.

7. bed when your hair is woven into a loose ponytail at the side. Do not sleep with wet hair.

8. the average header coop about 100 hairs per day, use of maintenance brush to release them and your fingertips, keep hair twisted together to extend.

9. To prevent from damage, please be gentle wear hair extensions.

10. To prevent matting and tangles in the root zone, use and maintenance in the root insert brush brush, brush down the link at the top.

11. Like you shed hair naturally when shed hair extensions.

12. If you do not follow these instructions, hair extensions’ last time will be shorten..

Ideas from forum HOWTOWIGS.COM

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Different kinds of hair extension

First is hair weft, also known as hair weave. We have hand tied hair extension and machine made hair extension. The hand-tied hair weft is much thin and natural than machine made hair extension. The machine made hair extension is much more popular because of it’s convenient to wear and better price.


Second is pre-bonded hair extension. We have keratin hair extension and micro loop hair extension. The micro loop hair extension is made of I tip hair extension, plus the micro ring. You can do the micro loop hair extension at home without any help. Micro ring extensions are safe for natural hair and feature tiny loops that are lightweight, flexible and virtually undetectable. They are simple enough to be applied at home, ideal for all hair types, and last for months. The keratin hair extension needs some keratin. The best keratin is Italian keratin; it’s much stronger and can last much longer time.

Third is clip in hair extensions, it is made by hair weft, cut the hair weft into many pieces and sew some clips, and then it becomes clip in hair extension. It’s much more convenient than hair weft; you can do it yourself at home.

Forth is tape hair extension. Using a double-sided tape, you can apply these extensions with minimal damage to your hair. When applying regular tape extensions, attach the tape to the mounting base. You can either cut the tape to the size of the extension or leave tabs of tape and attach the weft to your hair in the same manner as a pre taped extension. Creating these tabs and folding them over the underside of the section of hair will result in a longer-lasting extension.

What is the source of the hair of our hair extensions?

Where is the hair coming from? This is one of our top favorite questions about the origins of our hair extensions. Or perhaps they are questioning our collection methods of the Chinese hair.By now, most people are educated about the origins of Indian hair and the temple customs of a people that sacrifice their beauty.



In China, there are hair collectors go to the poor rural areas, such as the southern west part to collect hair, in these areas, the people are keeping long hair and then cut the hair and sell their own hair to these collectors, since these areas are less influenced by the fashion, and they do not dye their hair or curing it. So the hair will be in its original station. The hair quality is very good.

In western countries, hair collecting is actually much more common. Local beauty salons post a sign offering money for hair, which is freshly cut from a woman who is willing to trade for about a month’s income, and when the salon has collected a few ponytails they call a known contact that then comes out and buys the lot. They in turn sell to an exporter and these ponytails make their way to hair importers or hair extension suppliers.

It is true that we occasionally get an “old” ponytail. Meaning the hair is dry and musty and usually ends up tossed in the garbage. This means that someone’s grandmother cut their hair, wrapped it up in ribbons and a satchel and saved it in a drawer for a couple decades. In tough times with people offering to buy hair, this must seem like a great time to sell grandmother’s hair.

In the US, it has become common to donate one’s hair, in excess of a foot of healthy growth, to several non-profit organizations that provide wigs for cancer patients. So the practice of donating, either for cash or charity, is not as described as some imagine.
And after these hair collected, it will come to the hair processing stage. And after hair process it will be used to make all kinds of extensions hair.

How to put in clip-in hair extensions?

Women spend a lot of time and effort on their hair. A lot of women covet long, lush hair, and according to “Hairfinder,” research also shows men consider women with long hair more attractive than women with shorter hair (see References 1). For women who yearn for long hair or just want to add some volume, clip in extensions are a perfect solution. You may find putting in clip-in extensions a bit tricky at first, but with practice, you start to feel more comfortable and, thus, shorten the time required to put them in. Learn how to put in clip in hair extensions and achieve a beautiful, natural look by following a few easy steps:

How to put in clip-in hair extensions 1

How to put in clip-in hair extensions 1

1. Lay out all of the hair extension wefts. Wefts are the separate pieces of hair extensions and there should be different wefts of varying sizes, each with a set of push open and close clips on the top. Flatly laying out the wefts before starting helps you recognize the different sizes and stay more organized when clipping them into your hair.

2. Hold all of your hair back as though you were putting it into a low ponytail and pull out a small section of hair from the very bottom. This section should span from one side of your head to the other, and it should be about 1/2-inch thick.

3. Twist the remaining hair and secure it onto the top of your head with a clip.

How to put in clip-in hair extensions 2

How to put in clip-in hair extensions 2

4.Take the first weft—this should be one of the smaller wefts with only one or two clips, which fits the back of your head across the part of hair—and clip it into place. Slide each clip down the hair so the top of each clip rests against the part showing between the bottom layer of hair and the sectioned hair on top of your head. Snap the clips close and they should fit snugly into the hair.

5. Pull down a bit more hair, just enough to barely cover the first weft underneath.

6. Clip the second weft into place. Find the weft that best fits this section of hair, without going further than your ears. Clipping in a weft that is too long leaves gaps in between the clips and creates unnatural bumps in your finished style.

How to put in clip-in hair extensions 3

How to put in clip-in hair extensions 3

7. Continue on in this pattern, alternating between sections of hair and the wefts, until you reach the top of your head. You may find it easier to let all your hair loose for the very last extensions and fit them into place with your fingers so you can ensure there is an adequate amount of hair left over top to cover the tops of the wefts.

8. Feel around on your head and use a mirror to see the back of your head to ensure all of the extensions are properly in place and not showing through (see References 2).

9. Style your hair as desired.