Why Choose Natural Color Hair Weft

Same as the clothes, a basic hair product is essential to the beautiful girls. This time I would like to introduce a basic hair product – Natural Color Hair Weft.



Natural color hair weft can be called the basic item, because all the colors in our color ring are dyed from this hair weft. UniWigs natural color hair wefts are perfectly protect the hair squama, so they have better plasticity and longer use time.

UniWigs natural color hair weft not only can be curled according to your own preferences, but also can be dyed several times. But as you know, they have no life now, so please keep good maintenance for them. Much longer time they will be used.

At present, three textures are in stock and can be supplied at once from UniWigs. They are Silk Straight, Body Wave and Curly.

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hair extensions for black women: hair weft



Ali Queen hair weft collection by UniWigs are made by 100% unprocessed virgin hair, Can be used more than 12 Months. Can be curled more than 6 times.  No matter you want hair weft only, lace closure or closure + weft, you can find them all in Ali-Queen Collection by UniWigs.



UniWigs New Collection is coming soon

UniWigs update new products every month, we also search for new collection that women love to satified their beauty need. After many market survey, we found that african american women like “lace closure + weft” match style, Yes, weft, that’s what we don’t have. But, good news is, the Ali-Queen collection is coming soon! Which special for women who need the african american wigs. We will start from several weft, this kind of pieces are 100% Unproseced Virgin Hair with natural color, can be restyle and DYE. We will publish “lace closure + weft” latter, even the hot sale 360° lace closure .etc, high quality and low price can be promised. So stay tuned the Ali-Queen collection by UniWigs.

hair weft

hair weft

About Ali Queen:
In order to manufacture high-quality hair extensions, we have built our own factory and selected great quality human hair from the temples around the world. Experts in hair weaving are enrolled to produce the hair as well. Every month, our factory can supply over 100,000 kgs of hair extensions to fulfill the needs and demands of our customers. With high-tech equipments to test the quality and experienced hair-weavers to produce our products, our quality maintains in a stable way. Good quality and best service help us achieve our business goals, appreciation and approvals from our customers worldwide.

How to Glue in a Hair Weft

Hair extensions come in a vast variety and can be applied in just as many ways. One of the simplest methods of attaching a weave to your hair is by using bonding glue. Bonding glue is best used on a weft extension, that is, individual hairs sewn together to create a track base. The weft is bonded to your natural hair and can remain in place for at least one full week with careful management and depending on your hair texture.



Cleanse and condition your hair as usual and make sure to let it dry thoroughly. A clean base is needed to ensure the hold of the glue to your hair. Excess oils may interfere in the bonding abilities.

Braid your hair into cornrows–plaits that are secured to the scalp. The pattern should mimic how you wish to style the extensions. The easiest braiding method is cornrows from the front to back; however, braiding from side to side will allow a better base to attach the weft.

Part your hair into horizontal sections where you wish to place the tracks if you choose not to braid your hair.

Measure the weft to match the area of braid or part of head on which you choose to apply it. Cut the weft at the designated spot.

Apply the bonding glue to one side of the weft, across the stitches, in a thin consistency.

Place the track onto the cornrow or part and gently press across with either your finger or the back end of a comb. Be careful not to attach the bonded weft directly to your scalp to avoid pulling and irritation. Hair bonded below the root of the hair or on a braid and not the scalp allows for better maneuvering.

Allow the glue to dry either by air for about 30 seconds or with the low heat of a blow dryer to secure the bond.

Repeat until your desired style or hair coverage is achieved.

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