Three minutes to get fluffy bun

Celebrity hair stylist Creighton Bowman shows us a build both beautiful and full of fluffy hair the easy way. We love this messy bun – How about you? —Celebrity Wigs

Before you start creating hairstyles, in order to achieve the best results, you need to create some of the hair texture, supple no way to build long straight hair bun. Hair stylist Bowman’s proposal is to mix together several styling products, hair care into a flaky layers. He will Crawford Green Deja hair styling foam and Fu Shun Green Deja sparkling soft disposable spray mix to increase gloss.

back to school hairstyles 01

First, all the hair bundle up with an elastic band. Last lap when not to pull out all the hair, leaving a hair band, and the hair towards the forehead.

back to school hairstyles 02

In the previous step aside the tail separated into two parts, coming from different directions wrapped around the hair root. With the upper part of the hair band together to create a bun shape.

With the card will be a good head of hair ring fixed to maintain a good bun shape. You can be a little tidy bun, get your own desired shape. Then use hair spray to make all hair styling.

back to school hairstyles 03

The tail hair in a bun with a card fixed inside or outside – no matter what, as long as you like just fine. Really super simple! Particularly suitable for lazy people and students, oh. Want to know more on the attention back to school hairstyles.