3 Reasons Why Hair Weaves Are Worth the Investment

Hair weave is not just about increasing the length, it is another tool that you can use to try out a different look. Today we are going to show you 3 benefits of wearing hair weaves.
Low Maintenance
Hair weaves are great for vacation-hair. You can relax and enjoy your getaway without spending precious minutes or hours on hair styling. Wear a weave for your time away and you can spend your trip enjoying the scenery instead of worrying about your mane reverting.
In the case of sewn-in hair weaves, hair is typically braided close to the scalp and extension hair is added in wefts. The extension hair takes the daily wear-and-tear, so your natural hair is protected from the elements as well as your styling practices. Your hair won’t have to suffer abuse from the heat from blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons or hot rollers. Your hair will be protected from all of those routines and outside influences that can slowly split the ends and dry it out.
 Low Commitment
Weaves are designed to be worn for a short amount of time, anywhere from one day to a couple of months. Unlike a haircut, which you have to wait on to grow out, hair weaves are low commitment options. You’re not stuck with a weave forever, which is perfect for women who like to switch things up often. This also works well for ladies who like frequent color changes.
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How To Revive Your Old Hair Extensions?

If you wear hair extension for daily look, then your hair extensions will look dry and tangled after several weeks. Today we are going to teach you how to bring your old extensions back to life.
3-1Step 1:
In order to get your hair extensions back into top condition, you will need to give them a trim. Just like your own hair, hair extensions must be trimmed regularly to retain their quality. As the hair is human, the tips will become damaged first as they are the oldest, therefore we would recommend trimming away around an inch. Thought hey will be slightly shorter, they will be a whole lot healthier.
Step 2:
After you have removed the oldest hair, you can begin the treatment processes. Take one sachet of Pre Shampoo Treatments and fully coat the hair from the mid lengths to the ends. This must be on DRY hair, as this will allow the hair to soak up the natural ingredients.
Step 3:
Once you have left the treatment on for as long as possible, wash your hair with your usual shampoo and conditioner. The treatment is lightweight and will wash out very easily.
 If you follow the above steps, your hair extensions will look shiny and healthier again.
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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Hello gorgeous, today is the last day of Novemeber, which means Christmas is coming! Today we are going to show you the holiday gift guide from UniWigs.
 UniWigs Extension Collection includes clip in extensions, flip in hair extensions, hair bundles and frontal/closure.
Our clip in extensions come in virgin remy human hair and remy human hair. Long life-spam, can be DIY dyed and restyled.
UniWigs Flip in hair extension is the revolutionary hair extension that can offer you instant transformation to thicker, longer hair with the aid of a transparent miracle wire which is undetectably hidden under your own hair. Quite simple and easy, it takes only minutes to apply and remove: Simply place the flip in wire on your head, pull your own hair through over the wire, you will find it rests perfectly on your head and blends naturally with your own hair. With the aid of the adjustable transparent wire, the flip in can fit any head shape or size perfectly.
UniWigs weave bundles are a very trendy product among African American wearares. It’s made of top quality hair, being Brazilian hair or other countries like Malaysian. From the time of selection, the Brazilian hair hasn’t undergone any type of chemical process. The hair bundles are 100% natural. The weaves with closure gives more styling possibility for the clients.
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Why Tape-In Hair Extensions Are Popular?

We all know that hair extensions are worn by women worldwide and are in high demand. There are many types of hair extensions, but tape-in hair extensions are more popular than others, below are top 3 benefits of tape in hair extensions. They Look Real
Tape-in hair extensions blend in with your natural hair so you don’t have to worry about it getting seen by other people. The bonds that are attached to your head are completely flat making it invisible and doesn’t make you itch or uncomfortable.
Low Maintenance
Tape in extensions are the easiest hair extension to maintain due to their thin construction. Basically, you can treat them the same way as you deal with your real hair. You can wash, straighten, and curl your extensions, just remember do these as softly as possible.
Least Damaging
They are very lightweight and do not pull on your own hair like other extensions do – they grow out with your own hair and do not tug or pull. Clip in extensions are actually heavy and will cause bald spots if you wear them every day. Tape in hair extensions are non-damaging and very easy to remove. When it comes to hair loss you do not want to lose hair from wearing extensions.
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How to Detangle Your Hair Extensions

It’s commonly known that hair extensions are a great way to add your hair length or volume, but sometimes it’s normal for them to get tangled. Below are some steps to teach you how to get the tangles out of your hair extensions.
 1 Detangle minor tangles with your fingers. If your extensions are only slightly tangled, you may be able to use your fingers to remove the tangles. Comb through the extensions with your fingers, but work slowly and gently until the tangles are removed.
2 Use a wide tooth comb for major tangles. Though wetting the hair extensions make it easier to detangle them, hair is also more fragile when it’s wet. To avoid breakage and other damage, choose a wide tooth comb instead of a brush. The wide space between the comb’s teeth helps to gently detangle rather than pulling or tugging at the hair.
3 Start detangling at the bottom of the extension. If you start combing from the top of the hair extension, you’ll have to work through the entire knot or tangle to make it to the end. Starting at the bottom allows you to detangle small sections of the knot at a time, so you don’t damage the hair.
4 Move your comb upward when the bottom is detangled. Once you’ve detangled the bottom of the extension, place your comb a little higher and work on that section of the tangle. Run the comb through the extension gently until you’ve detangled that section as well. Repeat the process until the entire tangle is removed.
So if you want to detangle your hair extensions to make them looking smooth and shiny again, just follow the above steps. And if you are looking for a hair extension, has all beautiful options for you.


How To Choose The Right Length Of Hair Extensions

When you use hair extensions to make your hair look longer, but at the same time you want your dreamy hair look natural and blend well with your own hair. Then it’s important to choose the right length of your hair extensions.
The best way of checking which length hair extension will be most suitable for you is to measure from the middle of your ear downwards using a tape measure. This will show you roughly where the hair extensions will fall on you and also give you an idea of how much longer the hair extensions will be compared to your own hair.

The most popular and versatile length is 20-22 inches, for most people they come to bust level but this is dependant on height. You should choose extensions which are not too much longer than your own hair. For example, hair which is already longer than shoulder length can take the longer extensions and hair which is shoulder length and above tends to work best with extensions no longer than 20-22 inches. So it’s best to be realistic with your length choice and you’ll still have enviable length and volume!
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5 Reasons Why You Should Try Ombre Hair Extension

There is no doubt that ombre hair color is the most popular trend among young girls,the new trend has taken the lead in fashion magazines and fashion shows around the world.If you are a bold young girl, then this new trend is suitable for you. No matter you want a ombre clip in hair extensions or a flip in ombre wigs, UniWigs will not disappoint you. is offering 5 different ombre color human hair extensions now, what are you waiting for?Come and get one you like!

18″ Triple Ombre Color 7 Pieces Body Wave Clip In Virgin Remy Human Hair Extension  

Body Wave Clip In

Body Wave Clip In

This beautiful extension is made of superior 100% Indian Remy hair,designed to perfectly blend with your own natural hair and to be resistant to tangling and matting.With nice body wave curvature, the silky hair is dyed to three elegant colors so that it makes you look very graceful.
18″ Ombre Color 7 Pieces Afro Curly Clip In Remy Human Hair Extension 

Afro Curly Clip In

Afro Curly Clip In

This beautiful extension measures 18 inches in length, with nice curly curvature, the hair is dyed to two different colors so that it can make you look fashionable and become the focus of the crowd. As an embellishment for fashion trendy, bouffant style is always the representative of freedom and enthusiasm.

18” 7 Pieces Triple Ombre Color Body Wave Clip In Virgin Remy Human Hair Extension 

Triple Ombre Color

Triple Ombre Color

This beautiful extension is made of superior 100% Indian Remy hair, the silk hair is dyed to three bright colors so that it can make you look attractive and stylish. Exquisite craftsmanship and professional machine stitching secures the hair in the weft.
20″ Triple Ombre Color 9 Pieces Body Wave Clip In Indian Remy Human Hair Extension

 Indian Remy Human Hair Extension

Indian Remy Human Hair Extension

This beautiful extension measures 20 inches in length. It can be flat-ironed, curled and/or colored.Each set consists of nine 20″ long pieces in varying weft widths: 1 piece – 9″ wide-4 clips. 1 piece – 7″ wide-3 clips.  2 pieces -6″ wide- 2 clip. 5 pieces- 1.5″ wide- 1 clip ( 2 extra clips provided).

18″ Ombre Color Virgin Remy Human Hair 10 Pieces Set Tape Hair Extension

10 Pieces Set Tape

10 Pieces Set Tape

This beautiful tape hair is the latest break through in hair extension attachment. The method has many benefits that have made it an overwhelming hit at salons. Tape in hair, as the name suggests, is quite literally a method that allows two extensions to be attached via a tape adhesive. Your own hair is ‘SANDWICHED’ between each extension, the adhesive tape on each extension is pressed together to seal your own hair in between. Repeat the process and the results are a stunning natural looking full head of hair extensions.

Popular hair extensions and clip in hair extensions

One doesn’t even ought to visit a salon as these may be hooked up to the hair within the comfort of home. Clip in hair extensions area unit hooked up by employing a clip. Generally, these hair extensions is on the market within the length of 14″, 16″ and 18″. These may be created with human hair or artificial hair. However, clip in human hair extensions appearance additional natural than clip in artificial hair extensions. These clip in hair extensions doesn’t cause any harm to her as they’re hooked up by simply employing a clip and while not the utilization of any chemicals. These extensions may be hooked up effortlessly and in less time. Clip in streak hair extensions is sort of well-liked. Clip on hair extensions will modification one’s look instantly and provides a glamourous and stylish look.

Clip in hair extensions will add length, volume and color to natural hair. Clip in hair extensions area unit a perfect thanks to use extensions while not the semipermanent commitment of stitching or gluing in hair extensions. Clip in hair extensions offers a simple route to longer appearance. {they area unit|they’re} offered in each artificial and natural hair and are a quick-fix for individuals growing out their vogue or for anyone wanting a brand new look. the load of a clip-in hair extension set may be altered in keeping with completely different demand. Clip-ins area unit offered in tiny, 1-inch strips which will be applied separately or larger wefts of up to six inches long that will play the complete head. once applied properly, clip-ins will well and firmly stay in situ all day long. Clip in hair extensions, on the opposite hand area unit utterly hassle-free, needs low maintenance and area unit economical.