Summer Pop hairstyles


Wavy blonde hair with unilateral

Wavy blonde hair with unilateral: shoulder-length blond waves roll hair, curly hair with side bangs exceptionally sweet, pleasant points, but the style is too popular. Side of the head bud head to become the crowning touch sided, coiled fluffy hair look cute and cool.

Playful Hanawa head shawl hair

Playful Hanawa head shawl hair: long bangs reluctant to cut but it is too hot in summer but also how to do? Try curling Hanawa head how? Valgus style roll bangs look lovely, cool dew absolute amount of style! Do not worry too boyish, roll out the remaining length hair soft S volumes and women can both lovely and sweet.

Country style straw hat accessories

Country style hat accessories: the overall long hair coiled up, hair part buckle in the forehead, the use of curly hair as bangs, three-dimensional sense. Similarly light flaxen department hat embellishment, not only can block the fixed plate made to coordinate the color of the idyllic quiet and add more flavor.

Sweet side of cape princess hair

Sweet side of cape princess hair: the hair natural partial points, both sides do not light in the ear, while the upper part of the back of the head with long hair loosely into a ponytail, the remaining natural loose hair, hair hot roll, a models sweet princess hair to create complete. Mimi and sisters enjoy afternoon tea in the court!