The Cheapest Human Hair Extension

Human hair extensions are worn by women worldwide and are in high demand. Today we are going to a cheap human hair extension for you.
18″ Ombre Color Virgin Remy Human Hair 10 Pieces Set Tape Hair Extension
 Tape hair extension is the latest break through in hair extension attachment. The method has many benefits that have made it an overwhelming hit at salons. Tape in hair, as the name suggests, is quite literally a method that allows two extensions to be attached via a tape adhesive. Your own hair is ‘SANDWICHED’ between each extension, the adhesive tape on each extension is pressed together to seal your own hair in between. Repeat the process and the results are a stunning natural looking full head of hair extensions.
This tape hair extension is very popular among our customers.
 Loved my purchase! Hair is really nice and exactly as pictured! I have fine to medium hair and there’s plenty of hair for my head. They come very straight and you can curl them.
Very good quality hair for the prices, and came right on time. The hair looked exactly like it did in the pictures. Customer Service was great as well. They always answered me in a timely manner. Will buy again in the future.
If you are looking for human hair extensions with tight budget, give this tape hair extension a try, it won’t let you down.

How to apply tape hair extensions

The popular trend in application of hair extensions is going to be tape hair extensions. Tape hair extensions have advantages of seamlessness and natural looking.

There are many different methods to install tape hair extensions. Hereby, we would like to share one of the most favorite methods.

- Wash clients’ hair with clarifying shampoo to remove all oils.
- Do not use conditioner
- Dry hair as normal


Starting at the nape of neck (bottom), install extensions in a “Brick-Layer” pattern.

To keep extensions invisible, always leave at least 1 inch (2.5cm) of space between the hairline and front edge of the tape extensions.
Leave at least a two finger space from the top of the ear and the extensions. This allows you to wear glasses and make a ponytail.
Tape hair extensions lay very flat; therefore, they can be worn higher on the head than most all other hair extension systems.


Part client’s hair. Take 4cm wide strip of client’s hair (as wide as the extension strip). The hair strip must be very thin. You should be able to see through the hairs, but not too thin so that the weight of the extension is too much for the client’s hair. This balance is the most important step in ensuring a long-lasting hold.

Separate hair strands by weaving in & out to make sure the tape to hold securely because tape attaches better to tape than to hair.
Comb away stray hairs, ensuring a clean part.

Extension already has double-sided tape attached. Remove backing tap from hair extensions to expose tape adhesive.
Don’t touch sticky tape surface with fingers. Skin oils will reduce tape adhesive.

For the longest lasting hold possible with tape extensions, blue tape is the best quality tape, strong sticky performance and easy to remove.
Place extension, sticky side facing out, about 1/4” (5mm) below part.
Pull hair straight down over tape strip. Gently tap hair against tape once with back of finger or tail of comb.

Remove the tape backing from the 2nd extension. Client’s hair will be sandwiched between the two extensions…

With tape side facing down, align 2nd hair strip directly over 1st hair strip. Press firmly together with fingers.

Using a clamping tool, squeeze the tape strips together firmly.

You can also use a straightening iron on the tape bond to warm the tape for extra hold. But do not make the iron too hot or hold on to the bond more than a few seconds. Otherwise, you may damage the bond.

tape hair extension

Extensions should never pull on scalp hair. Therefore, extension tape must be at least 1/4” (5mm) away from the scalp so that the extensions can pivot freely up and down. If placed too close to scalp, extensions will cause discomfort and may damage your own hair.

After installation is complete, try not to wash hair for 2-3 days, if possible, in order to allow the tape to “set” and bond together.